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Do you wonder if what magneto therapy or magnetic therapy does is good for your body? Discover the whole truth and do not ask yourself again: What is it? What is it for? Also named Magnet therapy, magnetic therapy and magnotherapy.

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What is Magneto therapy? What effects does it have?

What is it for? - Use of Magnetotherapy physiotherapy Magnetic therapy is a treatment that consists of the application of magnets on the zones of the human body in which one suffers pain or some type of pathology. This technique is based on the biomagnetic pair, that is, on a positive magnet and a negative magnet that interact with each other by correcting the Ph of the organism and eliminating the negative effects of a multitude of diseases.
Medical biomagnetism is used primarily to heal chronic diseases and in those that have no cure through traditional medicine. However, and although it is an alternative technique, it is perfectly compatible with other treatments so the patient can combine their medication with this system without any risk. Magneto therapy is also indicated to relieve pain in joints and bones.


  • The effects of Magnetotherapy are perceived quickly and from the third session the healing is almost complete. The results, however, depend on the deterioration of the area of the body because of age or progression of the pathology suffered. The most interesting thing about this type of therapy is that its price is not high, around twenty euros per session.
  • Its main and most important effects that you should know: Healing and analgesic effects.

Effects on famous sportsmen – (Example of Jorge Lorenzo and his healing sessions miraculous)

Due to the speed and effectiveness of magneto therapy sessions, many athletes have used this type of treatment.

In the motor world, for example, Valentino Rossi or Jorge Lorenzo has used medical biomagnetism to accelerate their recoveries, especially after a fall. In the same way, Rafa Nadal has managed to leave the cloud of injuries in which he was immersed thanks to the magneto therapy. Finally, football players like Roberto Soldado or David Villa have regenerated tissues and streamlined bone recovery with these medical magnets. Here you can see it in english with a driver, and here in spanish with Jorge Lorenzo.

Magnetic Therapy in TV:

Before continuing to discover all the secrets of this medical technique, we leave you with the latest news / videos related to Television and Magneto therapy:


Why is magneto therapy necessary in the 21st century?

Many doctors and medical professionals say that the treatments with this medical technique or therapy with magnets are much more effective and less aggressive, they emphasize that it is necessary to investigate this and other techniques to the detriment of others like chemotherapy that are too aggressive for the organism .
The way to apply it and nonexistent side effects are its most powerful benefits.


How does it apply to patients based on the part of the body to which you apply Magnetotherapy?


The magneto therapy can be applied on all parts of the body, although it is mainly focused on the upper part, which is where the most important organs of the human being are found. However, in the lower part of our body, in the same way, there are many pathologies and diseases that can disappear and be relieved thanks to the magneto therapy. As seen in the following video, joints are the key objective of medical biomagnetism when applied to the lower part of the organism. Ankle, knee or pubes are some of the key points and in which the pain can become stronger. However, after several sessions of magneto therapy the pH in those zones of rebalance and the annoying sensations begin to disappear.
In this way, injuries such as sprains, fractures, bruises or tears are healed more quickly, also calming the pain and allowing an immediate return to normal.


The upper part of the organism is where the magneto therapy acts with more force, since it is the place in which the main diseases that affect the human body are developed. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diseases in the digestive system or brain problems are some of the most serious pathologies and the most fatal ones. This is because traditional medicine cannot effectively act on them. Medical biomagnetism, on the other hand, has developed significant advances, healing diseases that were considered incurable and achieving remarkable improvements in chronic diseases.

Benefits, Benefits and Applications – What Should I Know?


The indispensable and most striking:

  • It acts as a soothing pain reliever.
  • Your healing process is faster than with other medical techniques.
  • Helps cell regeneration.
  • Muscles and body parts are no longer so inflamed.
  • It acts as a regenerator of the cells of the human body.
  • Reduces arthritis, slows the disease.
  • Low aggressive treatment for the body.
  • Painless
  • Bone fractures take less time to heal.


We benefit from this medical therapy in our body:

  1. Bones
  2. Muscles
  3. Articulations
  4. Nervous system and also circulatory

The magneto therapy treatments are indicated for the cardiovascular apparatus, healing circulatory disorders, hematomas or microvarices. Similarly, magneto therapy acts on the nervous system, relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or facial paralysis. This set of pathologies does not currently have any other treatment through traditional medicine, so that only medical biomagnetism is able to offer improvements to patients who suffer them.
But magnet therapy does not only act on physical ailments but also greatly improves depressive states and compulsive obsessions by acting on the patient’s mental state and relaxing their states of arousal.
Finally, the digestive system also benefits from this type of treatment, so that pathologies such as ulcers, irritable bowel, ardor or colic significantly improve pain reduction thanks to the effect of magnets.
In short, the scope of influence of the biomagnetic pair is very broad and its application heals from a simple pain in the ring finger to problems of asthma, bronchitis or depression, so that there are few diseases that an expert in magneto therapy cannot cure, or at least make it better.

Magneto therapy Treatment – What Types Are There?

effective treatments The magneto therapy treatments are usually very simple and are separated in high and low frequency treatment; all of them are based on the use of magnetic torque. That is why magneto therapy is not a private preserve reserved exclusively for experts. In fact, anyone interested can learn to apply medical biomagnetism sessions after completing a course in which basic notions are acquired.
Thus, the only difference between one session type and another is in the same time, which usually is around half an hour. Likewise, the periodicity with which the treatment is applied may also vary according to the condition, although it is normal to perform between one and two sessions a week. The price of the sessions of magneto therapy, that yes, does not usually vary and around the 20$, cost extremely economic if we consider what it charges the traditional private medicine and above all seeing the positive results offered by the magneto therapy .
In what they differ the treatments of magnet therapy is in the intensity of the machines that are used. These can be acquired and even rented through the internet, however according to their power they will be used to heal some diseases or others.

1- Low frequency

Low-frequency magnetic fields have a power of between one and a hundred hertz and are especially suitable for chronic diseases and general ailments, so that the machine can be used anywhere in the body.

2- High frequency

The devices of magneto therapy of high frequency exceed the one hundred hertz of power and are applied on ailments and diseases very localized, in such a way that they exert their effects of a more deep but less ample way. They are especially indicated for local and acute pain.

Opinions – What do the experts say?

magnetic therapy works There is no unanimity in the world of medicine regarding the validity of magneto therapy. Traditional medicine experts are radically opposed to the use of such alternatives because they believe they are not scientifically proven and dangerous to patients, who may start abandoning their main treatments by relying on magneto therapy to heal them completely.
However, many medical biomagnetism professionals believe that magneto therapy is a considerable advance in the history of medicine, since it uses a tool that has always been forgotten by medical scientists, such as the strength of magnets. Experts in the field of biomagnetic pair believe that there are sufficient studies to support this type of therapy but none of them have been published in prestigious medical journals due to the hermeticism and closeness existing in traditional medicine.
In any case, given that neither of them can agree, it is necessary to point out that it is the patients who must validate this system, and up to now no professional of the magneto therapy has been persecuted or denounced for fraud, given the high degree of satisfaction that these treatments provoke.

Magneto therapy against cancer

As we have pointed out above, magneto therapy deals with all kinds of ailments, and among them is cancer, one of the most feared and deadly diseases today. Traditional medicine only offers the option of extirpating or medicating with this kind of patients chemotherapy, but magneto therapy opens a new way to make these diseases disappear without pain and without destruction of the tissues of the body.

Effects Magneto therapy: Side effects or adverse, contraindications, physiological effects ..

The magnetotherapy does not produce any side effects in the patients’ body, since the energy of the magnets is too weak to damage the tissues or to mold their components. The great advantage of this type of treatment is that the intensity of the machines used combats the diseases without harming in any way the human organism.
Immune therapy, however, should be applied more gently in pregnant women and people with pacemakers, as the energy of the magnets could affect them minimally. For the rest of the patients the adverse effects do not exist and only those cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy treatment should avoid the use of medical biomagnetism. The reason is that chemo atrophies the body severely, so that magneto therapy is unable to recover damaged tissues. Similarly, in people of very advanced age it is possible that the effects of medical biomagnetism are less noticeable, also due to the poor state in which the body tissues are found at a certain age.
In short, the only non-beneficial aspect for the human body that can be found in magneto therapy is the absence of positive results in certain cases.

Knee magneto therapy, an example of this magnificent therapy

The knees are one of the areas of the body that we punish more in our day to day and over the years, especially in those people who go running with assiduity and that cause all the weight of the body relapses on these joints.

Thus, many people begin to manifest early discomfort such as arthrosis or muscle and rheumatic pain. In these cases magneto therapy exerts a very positive result since it not only dissipates the pain but also exerts an anti-inflammatory effect, produces muscle relaxation and acts on the soft tissues.

There are also biomagnetic knee pads that can be used daily to calm pain in this area and prevent injuries or overloads.

expert in medicine magnet therapy I’ve explained all the secrets I know about magneto therapy and the effects and contradictions it may have, as well as related TV stories and famous sportsmen but now it’s up to you…

  1. Have you had doubts?
  2. Do you need more information about a specific disease?

Do not hesitate to comment or write us so we can help you, we want to be your trusted doctor 🙂

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