¿Is Magnet Therapy effective for quitting smoking and for cancer?

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Here we solve all your doubts about the treatment to quit (stop) smoking and cancer:



Stop smoking with this technique or overcome your type of cancer 🙂


Despite the lack of scientific evidence, magnet therapy has been claimed as a very useful treatment to heal or to relieve pain in a multitude of diseases. Thus, migraines, arthritis, muscle or ligament injuries and depression are some of the pathologies that are responsible for medical biomagnetism with magnificent results. However, there are other factors such as cancer or smoking that can also be treated by Magnet Therapy.

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Magnet therapy against cancer

magnet therapy in cancer is of the best treatments To understand how Magnet Therapy is capable of healing breast cancer and other types, it is necessary first to understand the meaning of the word apoptosis. This term is related to the programmed cellular destruction or caused by the same organism and is the only possible way to end the cancer, since this disease is based on the unlimited multiplication of particular cellular, collapsing the organism. Thus, medical biomagnetism argues that the application of the magnetic force on the cells precipitates apoptosis. To do this, iron is applied to the cell group to be eliminated, keeping intact the remaining ones.

Is medical biomagnetism equally effective in all types of cancer? – Magnet Therapy in cancer

No, as has been shown, lung and prostate cancer are the best respond to this type of sessions, however there is no limitation and Magnet Therapy has shown positive results in all types of cancer. Similarly, breast cancer is a type of ailment that has also been cured in many occasions thanks to the therapy with magnets, although not with as much success percentage as in the lung or prostate. In any case, Magnet Therapy appears to be the most reliable and least invasive way to decrease the symptoms of any type of this disease including breast cancer, even over radiation or chemotherapy.

What does traditional medicine say about it?

Medical scientists have insisted again and again on the futility of any alternative treatment to cure a disease that is known as little as cancer. Year after year drugs are developed that can end this disease, and again and again fails in the attempt. Doctors only contemplate surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and certain substances to alleviate the progress of the disease, but assure that there is still no remedy.

Proponents of Magnet Therapy, meanwhile, say that pharmacists deny this treatment because it is a cheap system that anyone can learn to use at any given time. In addition, they invite you to look for statements from people who have not improved significantly after receiving therapy with magnets. The professionals of this type of treatment assure that there is a 90% success in their sessions and that precisely the magnet therapy arrives where the traditional medicine has not been able or has not wanted to arrive. According to them, medicine puts business interests in the public interest, and therefore does not progress in the cure of certain diseases.

Is there any contraindication or side effect?

Magnet therapy is a complementary and alternative treatment for any of the aforementioned diseases, however, when the body is debilitated or eaten by a disease, its effects may be too light. Similarly, when a cancer patient is in full chemotherapy treatment, their body is so weakened and affected by such therapy that a session of biomagnetism would be useless. For this reason, the professionals of the sector recommend to make use of the magnet therapy at least six months after finalizing the chemo. The human body must be given time to recover from such an invasive treatment as those used in traditional medicine against cancer. Even so, experts in biomagnetism recommend that radio therapy and chemotherapy be used up, and then use of Magnet Therapy, and in any case to give up any of them.

Magnet Therapy to give up smoke

stop smoking The magnet therapy is not limited to curing ailments and pathologies in which the patient suffers acute pain in localized or generalized areas throughout the organism. These types of treatments go further and have also in many cases succeeded in ending smoking, one of the main problems of the society in which we live. Smoking is not so much a disease as an addiction, so that magnet therapy can end the need for nicotine is one of the major advances of the sessions of Magnet Therapy. In any case, the use of this smoking cessation treatment is not supported scientifically and many scientists endorse its operation to the placebo effect. If a person makes use of these magnets blindly trusting that they will work, they will eventually end up doing it.

Best-selling appliances and machines

Quit Smoke Patches

First I will tell you about this product that I recommend. I have spoken very well of the Quit Smoke Dr, there are 30 patches to stop smoking. It induces better breathing and relaxation, as well as better entering REM stage. All based on natural ingredients as described and prevents anxiety and other diseases.
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Buying Acupuncture to Stop the Habit

Undoubtedly one of the most valued and used and most successful options for a person to quit smoking is to practice acupuncture, there are many doctors that we do medical therapies in this way, however, you also have acupuncture devices online that They work very well, like this one:


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→ Demonstrated that you can quit smoking in 30 days maximum. They are therapeutic magnets that are located in the ear, very discrete.


Cheap Generic Anti-Tobacco Magnet

These magnets have helped many people to quit cigarettes; they are used mostly in smokers of less than 20 cigarettes a day, however there are many success cases with 30 or more cigarettes per day (2 packets of tobacco).

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Cheap Generic Anti-Tobacco Magnet

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→ Magnet to stop smoking at a very affordable price, the cheapest option to quit smoking. Recommended for people who smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day.


Magnetic Rings, the new fashion

It will have a lot of impact in 2017, since the new products based on magnetic rings to quit smoking are becoming increasingly effective, for example this model works at a very high%:

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Magnetic Ring

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→ They are also used to lose weight, are made of silicone and are used on the toes. Extends the benefits in the circulation and it is recommended to use it during the 24 hours that the day lasts.


The best rated and recommended book for smoking cessation

Here you have another of the two books to stop having dependence on nicotine more valued and economic as well. If you are looking for part of the magnet therapy to leave the tobacco a good book to quit no doubt you have to see this, look at the user ratings (stars):

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes and Books

We have already talked about the two best books today to stop being a smoker, but to leave this habit harmful to health are the habit, and many people I know have worked the chewing gum. What’s more, here is the new cigar-shaped chewing gum to quit smoking, and cigarretes with no nicotine to help us to stop smoking now:

Stop Smoking Cigarettes

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What is biomagnetism based on to end tobacco addiction?

The magnet therapy is based on a physiological process activated by the magnets to provoke a rejection of the tobacco in the patient. And is that these types of treatments are not limited to get rid of smoking gain, but also one of the consequences is to make the smell of cigarettes is repulsive to the person who performs these sessions. To do this, the magnet therapy uses magnets placed in the auditory pavilions in order to cause such an effect. It is based on the principles of acupuncture, another innovative smoking cessation system, but with the convenience of avoiding needles and simply placing a pair of magnets in the ear canal.
These magnets are opposed to each other, such that they exert a small pressure almost imperceptible to the human but that affects a point of the ear that regulates the dependence of nicotine.

How are magnets used to stop smoking?

These magnets are held in the ears thanks to the magnetic force they exert between them, and they must be placed between three and four hours a day during a week in which the smoker can continue smoking normally. It is advisable, however, to use the magnets at times when the patient is in a state of calm, such as after eating or dinner.
After a week, the smoker must leave the tobacco and that is when the magnets do their work, so that in a few days a cigar will be seen as something repulsive to the patient, associating it with negative elements. From then on it is advisable to continue using the magnets on a daily basis even one more month.

Why do some people fail to quit using this method?

Struggle to stop being a smoker It is very important to internalize that you want to stop smoking and that smoking is a negative thing to get the brain to repel this habit and thus the magnets can fulfill its function. Many people spend the first week with magnets smoking in the same way and with the same attitude, and that is precisely what fails because they do not show themselves wanting to actually quit. If during those seven days the tobacco is seen as something harmful that the patient wants to eliminate from his life, the biomagnetic process will be a success.
However, it is not a miracle method that eliminates the desire to smoke masterfully. It is necessary to put the strength of will and self-concen- tration of the need to stop smoking. Following these basic recommendations, success in quitting using magnets is 80%, somewhat lower than in the use of magnet therapy for traditional diseases, but a rather high percentage.

Are there any contraindications?

Any. One of the main benefits of medical biomagnetism is that it is perfectly compatible with other treatments and with all kinds of food. In addition, usually when you stop smoking you start eating more anxiously and you usually get fat. In this case said process will not take place since the transition from smoking to quitting is extremely mild and the patient’s organism is not even aware of it, so it will not use food as a substitute. Similarly, moments of nervousness or stress will be totally reduced as there will be no need or dependence on tobacco.

Prices: How much do these treatments cost?

The magnets to stop smoking go around prices of between 6$ and 50$, depending on the power and technology of one and the other. So, for example, the Quit Smoke Magnet magnets are well known, they are the most economical and currently through the internet cost 7.8$, if the purchases here are the same for just over 3$. However, this type of devices are not as reliable (although they work the same according to many experts) like others that the commercial Real Quit. These magnets amount to 97’30$ (price updated 04/01/2017 in the cheapest place here) but according to their website 94% of the patients that use them finally manage to quit smoking. It is already a matter of spending more or less. Here all prices.

Where to buy the “Real Quit” smoking cessation device?

You have already seen that the opinions of Real Quit are very positive, well … if you are willing to invest in health from here you can buy Real Quit at a discount of less than 100$, 9 out of 10 people have been able to quit smoking, better therapy to stop being a smoker.
In this 2018 it seems that the best valuation is having next to Real quit is the anti-tobacco magnet Aquamed, look at its price here (you can also buy it for sure).

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