Doctor Saiz Noriega

  • Magnetotherapy doctorMy name is Jorge Saiz Noriega, I have studied medicine from 2007 to 2011 at the University of Barcelona.
  • In this web I want to make the patients see the advantages and disadvantages of using Magnetotherapy.
  • I attend all kinds of consultations at:
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¿Is Magnet Therapy effective for quitting smoking and for cancer?

Here we solve all your doubts about the treatment to quit (stop) smoking and cancer: MAGNET THERAPY – BIOMAGNETISM – THERAPY WITH MAGNETS Stop smoking with this technique or overcome your type of cancer 🙂 // Despite the lack of scientific evidence, magnet therapy has been claimed as a very useful treatment to heal or to relieve pain

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What is Magnetic Therapy?

Do you wonder if what magneto therapy or magnetic therapy does is good for your body? Discover the whole truth and do not ask yourself again: What is it? What is it for? Also named Magnet therapy, magnetic therapy and magnotherapy. *NEW! We also recommend magnet teraphy in : // Magnetotherapy Devices Stop Smoking products

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Magnet therapy: Prices per sessions, Machines and Devices

It really worth? Are they cheap or expensive treatment sessions? How much is a machine or other accessories worth? What types of Magnet Therapy machines exist? // The magnet therapy has the advantage that it is an easy procedure to apply that anyone can learn to impart through courses and even tutorials. Depending on the complexity of the Magnet Therapy

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