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Medical biomagnetism or magnet therapy (or also known as “therapy of Magnets”) is part of an alternative or complementary treatment that in a short space of time offers significant improvements in various diseases.

Isaac Biomagnetic Pair Its origin is in 1988 in Mexico, with the help of Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, and since then this medical model has undergone an important evolution to our days, in such a way that at the moment they are thousands the people who say to have overcome its pathologies thanks to the use of magnetism as a healing system.



What is Biomagnetism?

It is the science that studies the magnetic fields that appear in humans. When applying this knowledge to medicine, we speak of medical biomagnetism or Magnet Therapy.

What is magnet therapy? – Biomagnetic pair

This therapy is based on the concept of biomagnetic pair, through which permanent magnets are applied to different areas of the body. These magnets have a medium intensity and are used to assess which areas of the body are affected. Once localized, these are corrected thanks to biomagnetism.
The magnets are placed in the patient’s body for a time of between ten and twenty minutes.
In addition, the therapy is done with clothing, simply avoid thick or heavy clothing that may interfere with the power of the magnets.

Why is it called biomagnetic pair?

Biomechanical therapy for healing with magnets It is called biomagnetic pair because this therapy usually makes use of two magnets in various parts of the human body that are considered key. In them, a positive charge magnet and a negative charge magnet evaluate and balance until the pH (acidity or alkalinity measure) is balanced.
These biomagnetic pairs are indispensable in the therapy and their correct management and placement will depend on the success of the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment, all in the same session.

Nevertheless, we believe that much remains to be discovered about therapeutic magnets.

What kind of diseases does biomagnetism combat and how does it do it?

It should be noted that magnet therapy acts primarily on chronic diseases or of unknown origin that cannot be treated by traditional methods. This treatment acts in the organism in three different ways.

  1. The treatment with magnets ends with those pathologies in which bacteria and viruses appear, releasing the body from those harmful elements that are hurting and cleaning the key points in the body.
  2. Medical biomagnetism is also responsible for regulating the functioning of the endocrine glands, which are responsible for killing the body’s toxic particles. Sometimes these glands can improve their performance and that is what is achieved with the magnets.
  3. Magnet Therapy also affects the emotional level, as it transmits positive energy and promotes a change of mood in the patient. Curing with magnets therefore de-stresses the patient.

Which scientific basis does this medical treatment support?

Studies and benefits for biomagnetic Magnet healing is based on the fact that traditional medicine only responds to biochemical aspects, which it deals with through medication. However, these methods forget the biophysical scope, which includes the body’s magnetism, which is why many diseases do not heal at the right speed or simply do not have known healing.
Healing magnets affect this aspect and take advantage of the fact that most microbes communicate at a distance through electromagnetic waves. Biomagnetic therapy acts on this interaction by nullifying and eliminating these malignant bodies.

Similarly, the endocrine glands that clean the body of viruses communicate through these waves, so that the therapies with magnets in this case are used to enhance such information exchange and thus strengthen the human body against the invasion of harmful elements.

Is this therapy always recommended?

Medicine with magnets - Immantherapy applied to the head Although in most cases medicine with magnets is advisable, there are times when the body tissues are so damaged that the healing by magnets barely influences them.

It is the case of people who are being treated with chemotherapy, for example, who should wait about a year to benefit from treatment with the biomagnetic pair and achieve positive results. And is that intravenous chemotherapy is a very strong treatment that intoxicates the body in search of elimination of cancer, which is why the patient must wait until the body is cleared after the last session of chemotherapy for the therapeutic magnet to take effect.
Similarly, age, various surgeries or side effects of medication could affect the cure with magnets, limiting their reach.

What side effects can medical biomagnetism have?

Any. Magnet therapy is a noninvasive treatment and perfectly combinable with past, current or future treatments.
Only patients with chemotherapy can see that their situation does not improve with this therapy.
Finally, patients with pacemakers should avoid exposing that area of the body to the power of the magnets of medical biomagnetism.

How much money does therapy with magnets cost?

Each session can cost between 30 and 50$, depending on the prestige of the center and the experts who carry out the therapy.

Is biomagnetism compatible with other medicines?

Yes of course. These treatments are compatible and complementary, and do not affect in any way the medication or traditional medical therapy that the patient is receiving.
Only in cases where bodily harm is irreversible could cause a null effect of the therapy with magnets, but in no case would biomagnetism increase the disease or influence other treatments.

What is it about biomagnetism courses?

These types of therapy do not require medical training by the person who gives it, it is only necessary to have a course approved in this regard. Of course, the more years of experience a person has with this treatment, the more reliable the patient will be.
In any case, it is relatively easy to learn how to carry out a therapy with magnets and any individual interested in the subject can become an expert with time and dedication, in addition to the right knowledge.

How many therapies with magnets does a patient need to heal?

Usually with three sessions in a month, the patient notices a very significant improvement, with a separation of week or week and average between each session.
The most serious diseases may require a monthly checkup or more time spacing, depending on the type of pathology.

Is this therapy also valid for the elderly and infants?

Yes. In the elderly, it is true that the improvement depends on the state of your organism, since much damaged organs will hardly cure completely. However, in all cases the patient experiences a marked improvement.
Infants and children up to five years of age can also be treated with magnet therapy with specialized treatment.

Does it work? What aspects of medical biomagnetism are questioned?

There are different aspects of magneto therapy that scientists consider unrealistic and poorly tested:

  1. Although it is true that antibodies and microbes emit electromagnetic waves, they are considered to be extremely weak to be modified through magnets.
  2. Many experts consider that modifying the ph of the body is dangerous and should not be done cheerfully because in some cases could lead to death, although it is true that the magnets of this therapy are so weak that this is unlikely.
  3. Scientific demonstrations on biomagnetic torque have not been published in official journals or in prestigious journals. Only in alternative places and with dubious credibility have appeared articles not validated by the scientific method.
  4. Unfortunately, there are no miracle remedies and this raises doubts about the veracity of a method that says to cure any type of illness in record time.

Is this therapy really effective?

There are many stories and testimonies that speak of the effects of medical biomagnetism and magnet therapy. The Internet is full of stories that, on the other hand, can be manipulated or theatrical.
However, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán has been working in this field for over 28 years and it is difficult to find a complaint for fraud or talk to someone who has been deceived.
There is also a multitude of pdfs on the internet to learn about this treatment as well as pdf with the testimonies and statements of a multitude of patients who have used it.
There has been an amazing case in Lleida, where the Celiac Unit of the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova has warned of the increase in celiac patients who have worsened their situation after making use of alternative medical treatments such as medical biomagnetism. According to these accounts, the patients believed they had cured and started to ingest products prohibited for celiacs, with the consequent health consequences that this entails. These cases have been isolated but speak of the lack of control that can exist in the therapy with magnets since any one at any given moment can be made to pass by an expert in the matter.

Does this therapy with magnets also serve to stop smoking?

There is a machine based on magnetic magnets that ensures that by placing one on each side of the head, exactly in the ears, the patient begins to feel that his desire to smoke decreases considerably.
This, however, has not been endorsed scientifically, by the father of medical biomagnetism, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán.

In addition, no course or treatment center of this type supports this discovery.
In any case, there are testimonials from people who say that, just like hypnosis, magnet therapy helps quit smoking.



In conclusion, medical biomagnetism or magnet therapy is a treatment that is gaining increasing popularity in different parts of the world, especially in South America and Spain. This system has unbeatable results and the vast majority of patients say they have experienced a palpable improvement after the sessions of magneto therapy. However, there are still many doubts about the scientific validity of biomagnetism and although it is not incompatible with traditional medicine, it is recommended to put it first and to maintain therapy with magnets as a complementary solution.

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