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It really worth? Are they cheap or expensive treatment sessions? How much is a machine or other accessories worth? What types of Magnet Therapy machines exist?

Magnetotherapy session: works The magnet therapy has the advantage that it is an easy procedure to apply that anyone can learn to impart through courses and even tutorials. Depending on the complexity of the Magnet Therapy machines used, or the depth with which we want to apply these sessions, the training that will be needed to practice medical biomagnetism will be of lesser or greater importance.






In any case, Magnet Therapy offers the option of being able to choose between going to sessions performed by professionals in accredited centers for this with years of experience, or impart such therapy at home, thanks to the training and the machines that are within reach of any person interested in this subject. In both cases, the Magnet Therapy / price relationship is extremely affordable.


Are Magnet Therapy sessions effective?

There is a great debate about the scientific validity of magnetic therapy sessions and treatments. According to the experts in this type of sessions, about 90% of the patients that come to their consultations manages to improve significantly in their ailments, not only making the disease disappear, but also calming the pain in those cases in which the pathology is too advanced. The energy of the magnets acts on the body by regulating its pH and balancing the energy of the body, which allows to eliminate the evil elements. And indeed, it is difficult to find patients who have gone to medical biomagnetism and who have complained that all this treatment is a scam or a hoax. On the contrary, the web is riddled with testimonies that speak of wonders of Magnet Therapy. It is important, however, to always take into account the symbiosis Magnetic Therapy machine since the quality of the apparatus is basic in this field.

Is Magnet Therapy compatible with traditional medicine?

magnetotherapy vs traditional medicine sessions The professionals of the Magnet Therapy assure that the pair biomagnetic is a complementary treatment that must be completed with the traditional medicine and that it helps to disappear the pain as well as it advances more quickly in certain diseases. In addition, in chronic diseases or pathologies without medical solution, medical biomagnetism is of vital importance as it manages to improve those patients, who can find no other way to combat their ailments.
It should be noted that Magnet Therapy sees its effects on advanced diseases, on the elderly, or on patients receiving chemotherapy sessions. The reason is that in such cases the organism is very affected and therefore it is more complicated to get regenerate the most deteriorated aspects of it.

Are they cheap or expensive treatment sessions?

Magnet Therapy sessions are quite cheap given the enormous benefits they bring. A good medical biomagnetism professional can improve the health of his patients considerably in a few sessions, which are also extremely economical.
Thus, a session can cost around 20$ for 30 minutes, although there are bonuses for several sessions and the price decreases, so that a total of 10 sessions can usually cost 150 euros.
In any case, it is important to clarify that the number of sessions depends on the severity of the pathology presented by a patient. If this is very mild, a session will suffice to alleviate the disease. On the other hand, if the illness is chronic or very serious, the sessions can be unlimited in time provided they achieve their goal, which will be no other than to calm the pain and reduce the negative aspects of the disease. Anyway, the most normal is to go to three separate sessions in the time per week or week and a half, so that the total treatment lasts no more than one month nor cost more than 60 euros to the patient.
Finally, once the treatment is finished, it is advisable to return to receive an immune-therapy session once a year to prevent the disease and also to make sure that the disease has completely disappeared.

How much is a machine or other accessories worth?

As we said before, Magnet Therapy is usually received in sessions given by professionals, who have the experience and the appropriate machinery for the therapy to be successful. However, the main novelty of this type of alternative and complementary medicine is that anyone can learn to give the sessions receiving the appropriate training previously.
Thus, there are courses all over the world that teach in a simple and correct way the steps to follow to develop a session of medical biomagnetism with immediate effects. However, in order to complete the learning process, it is necessary to make machines and devices based on the magnets that allow the sessions to be carried out. Depending on the quality of our machines and complements, the more effective and efficient the session will be. In addition, it is necessary to delimit the use that we are going to give to our apparatuses. If they are for personal use, we will only use those that suit us given the ailment we suffer. If, instead, we intend to submit sessions to patients outside our environment, our machinery must be more complete to adapt to any type of illness.
Thus, magnet therapy machines cost from 200 to 1,500$, depending on the use we will give them and how often we use them. The supplements, meanwhile, are around 20 to 100 euros, and complement the sessions of Magnet Therapy in a simple and practical. In any case it is important to find out where to buy magnets for biomagnetism before; it is true that in this sector there is some fraud that can be avoided with a little previous research. Anyway

What types of machines can we find? We advise you to buy!

The magnet therapy machines are very diverse and the range of options is adapted to all the needs of both the patient and the professional biomagnetism doctor. Thus, for example, there are low frequency devices, especially recommended for chronic diseases and for general areas. On the other hand, we find the high frequency devices, which focus on a more specific part of the body and are responsible for local and acute pain. The latter, of course, are harder to find, and people often have doubts about where to buy magnets for biomagnetism of this type.
However, these types of machines do not present any contraindication since their effects are harmless and non-invasive, so anyone can use it, from children to the elderly. Only people with pacemakers or pregnant women have to take certain precautions with them.
The best ways to buy magnets for medical biomagnetism taking into account the ratio of appliances / prices are as follows.

Are you looking to buy a magnetotherapy machine? 

→ These are the best options on the internet today: 


Magnetotherapy Magnum XL


Magnum XL


→ Uses low-frequency magnetic fields. 2 channels and 400 gauss. It is used for rehabilitation of injuries, pains, injuries of soccer players, inflammation of legs..

Unlike Magnet field, this device consists of a single low-frequency device that can only be used to combat general or chronic diseases, but not for very localized conditions. It does not have complements; therefore if they are needed they have to be acquired individually, with the consequent extra cost that this entails with respect to the equipment of Magnet Therapy. The price, yes, is very competitive, since it is around 400 euros.
No known side effects.

Home Magnet therapy MagnetoFit


Home Magnet therapy: Magnetofit


→ Uses low-frequency magnetic fields. 2 channels and 400 gauss. Ideal for muscle injuries, knee pains and all treatments, which I always recommend to my patients..

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It is also a low frequency machine that in this case has the advantage of being portable. The MagnetoFit can be moved from one place to another thanks to a generator, so it facilitates visits to patients’ homes. And it is necessary to take into account that, due to intense pain, many patients cannot travel to a magnet therapy center or to the address of the person who gives this type of sessions. The price is about 300 euros.


Side effects have not been studied, have no contraindications.

I-Tech Mag 2000 and I-Tech Mag 1000 Portable Magnetotherapy

buy I-TECH MAG 2000

magnetotherapy low frequency i tech mag 2000

buy I-TECH MAG 2000

→ → This device has a fantastic price if we see that it is very effective relieving muscle or joint pain. It also helps to calm osteoporosis, in addition to being able to better reconcile sleep.

→ Also available I-Tech Mag 1000 at half price !!

buy I-TECH MAG 1000

i-tech mag 1000

buy I-TECH MAG 1000


MORE INFORMATION FROM (CLICK): ITECH MAG 2000 LOW FREQUENCY. This device is also portable but it has the novelty with respect to the MagnetoFit that it is a machine of low and high intensity, with all the benefits that this entails. The Mag 2000, that is, is a little more expensive than other appliances without equipment, and can reach 450 euros, although it offers the advantage already stated of being able to work with two different intensities.
It comes without studies on and secondary effects.




Night Magnetofield running More than a machine, the Magnetofield is a team that has everything necessary to carry out the sessions of Magnet Therapy successfully. It is approved in the European Union and has many accessories such as belly pads, cervicals, mittens … The Magnetofield combines high and low frequencies therefore it is a very complete device specially designed for people who receive patients with assiduity and who cannot focus on a regular or standard type of ailment. This appliance has two years warranty and can also be rented, as the price of the Magnetofield is around 1,500 euros. This is, for many, the best way to buy magnet therapy, I recommend other more effective machines like the ones above.
It has no contraindications or official medical side effects.

What are the main complements for these machines?

This treatment does not consist only of a device of different frequency that heals the ills of a patient. There are also many other supplements that reinforce the effects of these machines and even can be used daily to obtain greater benefits, such as keeping the ph of the body in a constant equilibrium. Thus, among the main supplements that exist in the market the most habitual are the vest, the cervical or the waistband. Similarly, and the elbow, face mask or diffusers are intended to fulfill this function although they are used for chronic or more specific diseases.

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